VEGETABLE processing lines / FRESH CUT SALAD / Portioning machine: EASYCUBE

Vegetables freshcut easycube


Cleaning, cutting, portioning and packing, are only a few of the processes involved in producing the right vegetable end product specific to your needs. Our innovative lines are designed for you in mind.

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Spinach Portioning Solutions – Blanched – Cooled Spinach or Molokia or other leaves

Is Fenco’s solution allow the producers/factory to:

  • To separate the various production phases (production-portioning from the final packaging)
  • Packaging made in a later stage (after freezing) like any other IQF products (ideal for co-packers)
  • Lower production costs (minimal losses during processing, and ideal weighing/packaging combinations (by using multy head weighers); thanks to this the % of over weight packaging into final bags is dramatically reduced.
  • Weighing and packaging system needed are the same as per the IQF products
  • Leafs integrity into final protions
  • Made easy to change over parts (moulds for different portion size and shape)
  • Convenience a practical usage (product consumption by the consumers)


is a portioning unit specifically designed for leafy products, like:


or for mixed products like:

  • spinach & mozzarella cheese;
  • spinach & milk cream or sour cream or besciamella;
  • cabbage & milk cream or sour cream or besciamella;
  • etc.;

During designing we paid attention to some other possible applications, different then the leafy products, out of the leaves season.


“EASYCUBE” can find application to dose/portion other products like:

  • pre-frozen liquid/dense or semidense products with solid parts in suspension;
  • pre-frozen products in pieces per “veg-burghers”;
  • pre-cooked rice or pasta with sauces or vegetables;
  • minced meet mixed with vegetables;
  • etc.;

“EASYCUBE” can be equipped with “personalised portions design” which help to identify “product and producer” into market and specially from the consumers. “Funny shape” (like: animals, or geometrical shapes) moulds are available for a easy and friendly impact to the younger consumer “kids”.



Working concept


Product is feeded directly into the feeding hopper through an elevator, and the product level is constantly keep under control.


Operation take place in the following sequences:


  • Pressing /Forming: system is fully controlled “brushless” motor – actuators, and the logic allow to ad just the speed and the power needed to optimised the results in accordance to the capacity type of product–processing paramethers and final shape. This system allow to control the pressure applicable and to determine the quantity of vegetable/natural water (inside the products) remaining in the final portions.
  • Forming / Moulding: by filling the “holes” (female) of the mould. Dimensions/size and shape can be different in accordance to the mould design, and is possible to change it in few minutes just with a different mould “change over part”. The “brushless” motor – actuators and the relevant controls allow the correct filling of the “holes”, in accordance to the pre-settled parameters, like:

–  Pressing time;

–  Pressing power;

–  Type of product;

–  Portions dimensions;

–  Earlier processing parameters (blanching – cooling);

–  Capacity:

–  Quantity of water desire into final portions:

–  Etc.


  • Cutting: is possible thanks a self adjustable “knife” pneumatically controlled. The special material of the knife and the air pressure applied to have the ideal cutting of the product fibres in accordance to the fibres hardness and the blanching cycle applied.
  • Portions ejection: a mechanical ejector (male) controlled by “brushless” motor – actuator synchronized with the system provide to eject the portions into the collecting belt conveyor. This conveyor allow to have a visual manual inspection of the same portions before entering into the freezer. This few seconds allow to have a proper de-watering time or allow to spray some extra water into portions before entering into freezer.
  • Collecting conveyor: ejected portions are collected/conveyed through a specific belt, that basically drives portions into a freezer, but give also the following possibility:

– Last inspection before freezer;

– Holding time for better product dewatering;

And eventually

– Pre-glazing (inside and/or outside) always before to enter into freezer; (this solution can be adopted in accordance to the type of freezer available, and not for all type/brands)



Main characteristics


  • Leaves integrity: thanks to the strong, but gentle action of the pressing unit. Pressing has an alternate motion “up and down”.
  • Pressure control: a dedicate software control the power applied in accordance to the type of product and processing parameters.
  • Cutting system: due to the type of material and the shape does not need periodically or maintenance/sharpness.
  • Automatic operation: a continuous presence of an operator is not required.
  • PLC with “touch screen”: an operator or the production supervisor can easily access to the menu of the program for an immediate regulation when needed, in case of differences into the product characteristics.


Main advantages


  • Product contamination: being a mechanical system there is not any possibility to have any type of contamination caused by driving fluids.
  • Acoustic contamination “Noise”: being a mechanical system the unit does not produce any noise or acoustic contamination, compared to the others hydraulic available machine in the market.
  • Very easy accessibility: during designing a lot of attention have been taken to design a machine which allow a really “Friendly” access on each points, during the cleaning and sanification at the end of each shift, and in case of maintenance. The feeding hopper is fixed on railways guide and is easy movable. The system does not include and crane or hoist to dismantle heavy parts, due to the specific design and machine realisation.
  • Cleaning and sanification: during designing a lot of attention have been taken also to design a machine with a real minimum point (almost without) any point of dirtness accumulation during operation, moreover the unit is provided of nozzles for a quick washing.
  • Periodically cleaning-washing cycle: the system includes a periodical washing of the collecting conveyor belt, to minimise the dirtness and bacterial accumulation during process.
  • Water content in the final product: due to the combination of the parts selected and the running control system, the final portion results “less stressed” and in contains higher quantity of vegetable water, and as consequently the portions maintain closer properties of salts, calcium and fibers and other natural characteristics of the fresh products.



Machinery description


FORMING – PORTIONING UNIT Mod. EASYCUBE …. a mechanical machine completely electronically cotrolled, and it’s partical design and composition is the real added value for the final utiliser, due the impossibility to contaminate the product, and to the “made easy operation – functioning & easy clean design”.

Machine completely in stainless steel.


Complete with:


Parts in contact with the product:

  • Machine frame and main parts in:             Stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Knife in:             Stainless steel “duplex” type;
  • Polythilene and acetaliic resin;


Machine complete with adjustable feets for a correct aligment/levelling and positioning;


Feeling hopper mirror polished complete level control system, washing nozzle

  • Feeding hopper is positioned on railways guides for easy machine opening, cleaning operation and accessibility;


Pressing and forming station:

  • Design to have and easy change over parts (male and female mould);
  • Mould (male and female) made in special alimentary plastic material.
  • Cutting/scraping knife self adjustable and pneumatically controlled.;
  • Pressing power adjustable in accordance to product;


Safety protections:

  • Accessible lateral doors with safety switches;
  • All openable parts are protected with safety switches;


“brushless” motor – linear actuator: “EASYCUBE” is equipped with 4 “brushless” motor – linear actuators properly sized and selected in accordance to the specific application.


This type of solution and the control system allow having constantly and continuously the position of the actuator under control, on each specific motors, and particularly:


  • Pushing power needed to reach the right position and the time needed:
  • Speed and acceleration of each linear actuator;
  • Constant control of the absorbed power on each single actuator with the possibility to optimise and adjust the pushing action;
  • Logic for the continuous supervision system of the 4 actuators controls
  • Logic for the continuous control for the pressure on the product, on the mould finalised to the correct mould filling of product.
  • Collecting conveyor belt for portion collection, in alimentary plastic material, with wide free passage to facilitate the de-watering sequence and/or pre-glazing treatment and also last manual inspection by the operator.


Control panel: in stainless steel AISI 304 IP65, complete with:

  • PLC “Touch Screen”;


Usually is complete with one mould made in accordance with Customer needs.




This allow to recover the “green water” with spinach properties, passing to a filtering system, and having the possibility to add back this water into the portion, before freezing or after as glazing water.

System complete with:

  • Self cleaning drum filter with filtering gap of 0,25 mm
  • N.2 Special pump for liquid and solid (for two different applications)
  • Piping connections
  • Specific PLC program for this application.




Earlier filtered water could be injected into portion for inside glazing with same “green water”.

  • Average for earning in weight: between 5 up to 10%

(this is a media value valid for almost each portion)




This system is designed for keep cold the earlier filtered “green water” to better control the micro biologic conditions, to improve the water quality, and to provide better condition for the next usages of the same water.




This system has been studied in order to recover totally the water coming out from the spinach due to the pressing action of the forming unit, having as result the maximum yield; to give back into the product the same water, who’s having the same spinach properties “salts, fibres, etc” and to cool down the product coming from the line.

This solution allow to process 100% of the spinach flow, by producing green ice which has to be mixed – added into the main product flow directly into the feeding conveyor-elevator to cool it down before arriving in the forming station.

The final scope is to produce portions with higher

  • “green” water content;
  • better quality product, by adding the “green water”;
  • improving the freezing running cycle of the freezer, by feeding colder products;
  • relative saving into the energy consumption;
  • etc.