Twist Spiral Pasteurizer & Cooler by AIR

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Why TAP & TAC solution
The “TAP & TAC” TWIST AIR PASTEURIZER – COOLER is a reliable alternative solution to the traditional linear “pasteurizing and cooling tunnel” working with water, at different temperatures, etc.
The “TAP & TAC” solution is particularly indicated whereas:
• Water is not available or very costly;
• In the dry ambient where water can create troubles in the production and/or in the
environmental conditions;
• Abosolutely water free consumption;
• Very easy and friendly cartining – packaging operation in line, with riscks of water
damages in the final pallet;
• Less maintence costs, due to the less parts/components in motion as “wear and tear”
compared to traditional tunnel;
• Huge useful surface available compared to the traditional linear tunnels;
• Factory space saving compared to the traditional linear tunnels;
• Possibility to change working level – floor during the same processing phases – cycles;
• Minimizing and/or optimizing the production costs due to the continuous operation –
running cycles, and lower manpower involved;
• Possibility to treat different type of products and/or packed products in the same
time – same belt;
• Final product standardization;

Twist Spiral Air Pasteurizer & Twist Spiral Air Cooler applications
The “TAP & TAC” can find easily applications into:
• the traditional preserved food factory as fruits or vegetables;
• in the pasta sector for long shelf life type pasta “stabilized”;
• meat sector;
• ready meals sector;
• bakery sector;
• sweet bakery sector;
• chemical or pharmaceutical sector;
• etc.

Specific configuration
Upon specific application “Twist Spiral Air Pasteurizer & Twist Spiral Air Cooler” can be provided with:
• HMA “High Moisturized Air”, mainly in the TAP chamber, to
improve the thermal exchange and minimize the time;
• due to some particular locations TAC can have the A/C design, with allow to have a double cooling circuit, using external ambient air in the 1st half, and a refrigerated air in the 2nd half for the final cooling. This configuration depends on the type of product and to the geographical and weather conditions, but when ever this application can take place give a big saving in terms of cost of production – energy saving.
Through this combination we can obtain the following effects:
– higher thermal exchange on the product surface;
– quicker and faster thermal “hot and cold” penetration;
– due to this the quality of the final product is not particularly effected and it’s final
characteristics are like the fresh one, and mostly with minimum risks of having “brownish and/or
coocked” effected final products;
– Standardization of the final product;

SERVING worldwide processors better and improving food processing technology by manufacturing a wide range of
Twist Spiral Air Pasteurizer & Twist Spiral Air Cooler SOLUTIONS in Parma (Italy).
We are making available fully domestic made machinery and lines designed according the most modern European technology.
Spare parts and assistance available from Italy.