Twist Spiral Water PASTEURIZER & Twist Spiral Water COOLER


Machinery description
· Hot Holding – Linear type with Steam Flushing
Composed of:
· Belt supporting structure
· Composed of stainless steel profiles, sheet and conveyor guides. Plastic lining mounted on the conveyor guides is made of heat-resistant plastic material.
· Conveyor heads and shafts made of stainless steel. Drive by means of gear motor controlled by frequency converter.
· Stainless steel flexible belt
· Composed of two lateral stainless steel chains, transversal stainless steel rods and stainless steel wire mesh.
· The belt allows for good free passage of water and assures good surface for bags-pouches support.
· Primary perforated collectors for proper steam distribution into the chamber.
· Double manual valves, in series, for steam control.
· Suction hoods to exhausting the steam.