Tecnalimentaria 2014 Special Edition | Fenco’s Birthday and Cibus Tec

Fenco S.p.A., established in Parma (Italy) in 1984, Celebrates 30 years of glorious activity


Following the globalization and with the aim to be closer and closer to its own customers, FENCO S.p.A has recently expanded its manufacturing units from Italy to India and Brazil.

Always focussing on the fruit processing, especially on tomato, which still represents the core business worldwide, FENCO S.p.A. has recently successfully installed new processing lines in South Africa, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico, Chile and California: countries very active in the tomato industry, always open to innovative solutions and environment friendly for ages.

Providing a superior technology and service to the world’s largest tomato processors, FENCO S.p.A. is enabled today to offer also solutions in order to reprocess the tomato paste, obtaining finish products such as tomato puree, sauce or ketchup. Deeply approaching the new trend of flexible pouches and sachets, FENCO S.p.A. has been expanding the spiral concept to this new type of packaging, commissioning innovate spiral pasteurisers and coolers, both suitable with water or air accordingly.

A close interaction with its customers and the possibility of sharing process know-how with an intense network of technical partners have enabled FENCO S.p.A. to offer an unmatched technical knowledge giving to FENCO S.p.A. the ability to respond to the highest demands of the tomato processing industry.

Starting from the dosing, to the manufacturing, but also including commissioning, start-up, training and after-sale support, FENCO S.p.A. product offerings include:

  • Tomato processing lines for the production of concentrate, pulp, peeled and cube tomatoes as well as tomato reprocessing lines
  • Fruit processing lines suitable for all types of fruit, including tropical, citrus and carrots, able to turn the fresh fruit into natural and concentrated purées, as well as into clarified or turbid concentrated juices
  • Vegetables processing lines and dedicated portioning machines
  • Chips and French fries lines
  • Drying solutions fully automated or by batch
  • Fruit juice production and packaging lines
  • Jams production lines
  • Candying production lines
  • Milk and dairy fully equipped lines for yogurt, cheese, ricotta as well as condensate or powder milk lines
  • Spiral pasteurizing, cooling and freezing systems
  • Fluid and spiral deep-freezing systems.


Happy Birthday Fenco and Cibus Tec 2014