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We have a full range of evaporators for tomato and fruit processing.
Forced and falling film circulation continuos evaporators, simple or multi effect, with the eventual application of TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression) or MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) for energy saving.
Turbolent thin film evaporator TTF for sensitive products and viscous fruit juices or pulps.
Discover more about the new EVOMIX, the NEW super compact evaporator of FENCO, suitable for the concentration of  clear or semi-cloudy fruit juices, using the falling film technology. It has been designed as a monoblock unit assembled on a structure and the unit includes: pre-heater, pre-evaporator, flash cooler, flash pasteurizer, juice buffer tank, multi effect evaporator. The aroma recovery unit can be integrated on the structure, as optional.