Tecnalimentaria 2013

Juice section

Fenco SpA, established in 1984, has been producing food processing plants for the food industry for over 25 years.

The company’s today’s activity includes not only the manufacture of machines and complete lines to process fruit and vegetables into semi-finished products, but also process lines for finished products.

Close interaction and experience sharing with its customers have enabled Fenco SpA to offer always to best technical solution.

The company’s offer includes the following:

Lines for semi-finished products

  • Tomato processing for the production of all its by-products such as concentrate, pulp, peeled tomatoes and cube tomatoes;
  • Processing of European and tropical fruit, and carrots into natural and concentrated purées, and into clarified or turbid concentrated juices:
  • Vegetables processing lines to produce preserves in any preserving liquid
  • Processing of fruit and vegetables for following deep-freezing or drying

Lines for finished products

  • Production and packaging lines for tomato-based juices and sauces
  • Fruit juice production and packaging lines
  • Jam and marmalade production and packaging lines
  • Candied fruit production and packaging lines
  • Milk and milk by-products (cheese and yogurt) production and packaging lines
  • Air and water pasteurizing and cooling lines for packed ready meals
  • Fluid and spiral deep-freezing plants

Fenco SpA banks on a team of qualified technicians and technologists who are at the customers’ disposal from the design stage right through the installation, start-up and personnel training.

Fenco’s flexibility guarantees tailored solution upon customer’s requirements.