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Tomato processing lines

Complete line for tomato processing, to obtain tomato paste, tomato sauce, drinkable tomato juice. We design, manufacture and supply complete processing line…

Fruits Processing Lines

We study every aspect of our lines for the processing of all fruit, with or without stones, for concentrates through to jam. We have a system that will work for you, whatever the required final product.

Vegetable Processing Lines / Fresh cut salad / Portioning machine: Easycube

Cleaning, cutting, portioning and packing, are only a few of the processes involved in producing the right vegetable end product specific to your needs. Our innovative lines are designed for you in mind.


We have a full range of evaporators for tomato and fruit processing. Forced and falling film circulation continuos evaporators, simple or multi effect, with the eventual application of TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression) or MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) for energy saving…

Twist spiral solutions

Looking at the Twist Spiral Pasteurizer and Twist Spiral Cooler made by FENCO Food Machinery. It’s quite hard to understand if they are made of stainless steel or silver. FENCO’s spirals: luxury processing lines!


Discover more about the FENCO worldwide experience over sterilization and aseptic filling. All type of sterelizers for tomato, fruit and vegetables; UHT sterelizers; the NEW aseptic flash cooler…

Fluid and spiral freezing solutions

We have fluid freezers for IQF fruit and vegetables as well as spiral freezers designed for an easy clean and equipped with VOT (Horizontal Tangential Ventilation). Our spiral freezers are designed with…

Jam, marmalade and candying lines / in-line bleeding and formulating units

We have all the range of machines for pre-candying and candying fruits and citrus. We can supply whole lines on skid for the production of jam and marmalade, under vacuum, in continuum or by batch…

Dairy and milk

Whether it’s milk, cheese, butter or yoghurt; we offer the complete processing line including filtering, cooling, ripening, sterilization and much more.

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Our main activity is to design, manufacture and install a wide range of food processing machinery and complete plants.